Top Profesionals Backed by the Latest Security Technology

Your Security is Our Business

It’s really that straight-forward. The professionals at Servexo know that your time is better spent thinking about your company, not its security. We’ll work with your team to develop a solution that protects your employees and facilities from all manner of modern day threats. From guard personnel to autonomous robots, from closed-circuit TV to biometric entrances, from video surveillance to cyber security, Servexo has your company covered for any eventuality. Servexo is a resourceful, committed partner that works with you to optimize security and keep costs in line.

Security Leads to Productivity

Your employees’ sense of well-being has a direct effect on the job they do. At Servexo, we believe our job is making sure your people feel safe to do theirs. Our adaptive method to providing security solutions means we customize a plan that accomplishes your goals. Through a wide range of integrated protective services, our presence can be very noticeable, completely unobtrusive or an effective combination of the two.

Securing Quality Education

Learning requires focus and the safety we provide allows students that peace of mind to put their studies first. Servexo is committed to making educators, students and their families feel safe on their campuses. Our personnel take immense pride in their duties as if these were their own family members.

Servexo provides security guards and patrol officers with specific School Security Training developed by BSIS. These vigilant officers understand their role and responsibility of school security, which involves acute awareness of:

  • Educational environment
  • Laws and liabilities
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Disaster training and emergency response
  • Student behaviors

A Safe Learning Environment

Servexo understands the important role we play for our education clients. In today’s volatile world, you want a company to provide uncompromising service to keep your staff and students safe. That’s why Servexo offers the following:

  • Protective services for K-12, colleges, universities and other places of higher learning
  • Thorough risk assessment forming the basis for our comprehensive solution
  • Large percentage of the team is US Military veterans with:
    • extensive Anti-terrorism training
    • enhanced situational awareness
    • adaptive security techniques
    • experience with diverse populations

The Need for Reliable Security & Protective Services for Schools

The stats on “school shootings” are a matter of constant national debate. People on all sides throw out various definitions, use different numbers and cite or refute a range of studies. What cannot be debated is that violence, specifically gun-related violence, exists in our schools and the students who represent our future need protecting. According to some reports, the number of gun-related incidents alone could be as high as 50/year. Servexo can ensure your educational institution avoids being a statistic.

Providing Peace of Mind in a Difficult Time

Healthcare facilities face security challenges unlike any other sector. With patients, visitors and support staff, most have new people coming and going daily. A sense of safety and security is critical to the healing process. If patients are concerned with any aspect of their well-being, they could easily encounter complications in their recovery. In addition, large buildings and the need for privacy create further difficulties to securing your organization.

Servexo understands the delicate balance in providing stringent security protocols in a compassionate and caring environment. Servexo’s professionals will start with a thorough risk assessment then build a plan that suits your particular needs and budget. Strategies implemented for the health care sector have to keep strict patient confidentiality laws in mind and may include physical patrols, cyber security or biometrics for restricted areas. Contact us today to discover a new approach to protective services.

Proudly Serving the Country

Servexo is proud to be a U.S. Government Contractor. We offer a range of first-rate security solutions to government-run enterprises and facilities. With many US military veterans on our team, Servexo is at the forefront of service to our nation.

Every Servexo employee is passionate about protecting the great men and women who serve our country as well as the institutions they work for. No matter what business you’re in, feeling safe at work directly impacts job satisfaction and performance. Drones provide the perfect solution for municipalities requiring a cost-effective solution to cover large areas. Sites can be patrolled in minutes with real-time reporting allowing for instant response.

In today’s reality, government facilities face ever-changing threats from terrorists to hackers. Servexo’s integrated protective services are delivered by professionals with first-hand experience working in the sector. For many departments, the general public is an added factor in considering your security strategy. We know the challenges you face; let us provide the solution you need.

Protecting Critical Utilities in Volatile Times

Servexo is the top choice for securing facilities in this key industry. Downtime doesn’t only affect your bottom line, it could be disastrous for the general population. You need a company that can provide a robust and uncompromising plan based on a thorough risk assessment. After implementing a fully integrated strategy, Servexo is capable of providing ongoing security to keep you operational.

Our personnel are highly trained in many critical areas that give them the edge in delivering protective services for the industry. Heightened situational awareness and anti-terrorism experience combined with disaster and emergency response training, provide you with unparalleled protection. Servexo also offers the latest in security technology to ward off intrusion and other threats. Utilizing drones or autonomous robots may be a cost effective solution to the challenges of securing a large area while other advancements aid in the protection of remote locations. Servexo will devise a plan specific to your facility’s needs.

Dependable, Cost-effective & Customized Professional Security Services

Security solutions are at the heart of what we do at Servexo. Committed to safeguarding our customers and their assets, we have the tools, training and experience to provide the most reliable security services available. Our security service provides the much-needed peace of mind in today’s relatively hostile world.

Servexo understands that organizations are under increasing pressure to maintain safe & secure operations while keeping costs under control. Our security solutions help you achieve that by tailoring a plan to your specific needs.

Adaptive Security Solutions

Our superior customization and adaptability enables us to provide you a very relevant security solution. By using a combination of personnel and technology, Servexo’s services fit almost any budget. We conduct a risk assessment to formulate a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable security plan that suits your organization perfectly.

A Professional Security Team You Can Count On

Servexo’s personnel deliver a range of expertise in the execution of their duty that comes from decades of experience in military service or law enforcement. At the company’s core are US veterans that have extensive background and training in anti-terrorism. In addition to providing general security services, our team is also well-versed in mediation and conflict resolution along with disaster training and emergency response.

Trusted Certifications