Security cameras, motion detection alarms and locked doors will only do so much for your security.

The next big thing in property and area security is the unmanned aerial vehicle, better know as the Drone!

A single drone has the ability to, almost constantly, monitor any property from the vantage point of an elevated position… and do it automatically. Equipped with state-of-the-art day and night vision cameras, drones can act as a security guard around the clock. They can easily be integrated into existing alarm systems to react if an alarm is triggered in a specific area of the property, reacting to the alert and traveling to the zone to record video surveillance at a safe but close range. They can also be used to fill in “gaps” where traditional cameras may have limited range. Drones have the ability to dock in a secure area such as on a roof to recharge and with redundant systems in place there never needs to be a time when you don’t have your system airborne.

Drones can act as a deterrent for almost any potential threat to security and with randomized “set and forget” programmable capabilities the options are limitless. These systems can essentially provide around the clock, airborne security. With the addition of a few bells and whistles such as thermal cameras, siren systems, and flashing lights these units can, not only record potential threats, but also ward them off. Programming a drone should be a thoughtful process that targets high risk times and zones. Servexo Protective Services analyses and assists on the planning and setup of your system to best optimize the drone’s security capabilities. Servexo studies your specific needs, conducts virtual patrols to establish appropriate flight plans and then can monitor video and alarms from their headquarters. This essentially creates an around the clock security guard that is personalized to your property without the added cost of paying somebody to be on site physically.

Due to the ability for a drone to be programmable, reactive, and GPS guided, their seemingly randomized patterns of patrol are difficult to map and detect. They offer extremely efficient, comprehensive and affordable security with the added benefit of being able to monitor and manage from your office or home.

Servexo Protective Services can help identify your businesses security weaknesses, assess the likelihood of know threats and develop a comprehensive plan to implement countermeasures and a prioritized plan to help reduce risks to your security.

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