Hi-Tech Times Demand Cutting-Edge Solutions


With today’s rapid changes in technology, companies have to quickly adapt and integrate new methods or be left behind. The protective services industry is no different and Servexo is proud to say we are the forefront of adopting new technology to keep our clients safe. Servexo’s men and women are your greatest line of defence, and we ensure they have the best tools to enhance that effectiveness. Below are just some of the latest innovations we include in considering our fully integrated security solutions.

Cyber Security


Countless intrusions take place every minute; some companies are prepared, but most are not. Servexo takes virtual security seriously and recognizes its critical place in your overall strategy. Keeping intruders out of your system and preventing information leaks are key considerations in the development of a cyber security plan. As with physical security, our team will start with a thorough risk assessment to determine your company’s unique requirements. After implementation, Servexo can continue to monitor and react to cyber threats.



Biometric security continues to evolve at an incredible rate. With the first commercial hand recognition systems being available in the 1970’s, the technology now encompasses dozens of other measures. Servexo is capable of installing and maintaining a wide variety of systems as part of your security solution. Retinal scans, voice print or facial recognition, signature and gait analysis, and more are utilized for identification and entry permissions.

Autonomous guard robots


For some of our clients, automated patrols are able to achieve their security goals. The robots are programmed to move through their route collecting video and other data (such as environmental conditions and wireless signals) while providing a visible deterrent to intruders. These units are constantly being upgraded with several features scheduled for integration, including gun detection and microphones to capture sound. With real-time notifications, your security detail can effectively respond to actual threats while being free to focus on other aspects of your protection the rest of the time.

Intruder detection


Servexo utilizes a wide array of technologies in developing an intruder detection solution. We’ll work with you in determining a cost-effective strategy that takes advantage of the equipment available. From traditional CCTV and entry alarm systems to cutting-edge microwave and fibre-optic technology, Servexo integrates the systems you need to be secure.