Dependable, Cost-effective & Customized Professional Security Services


Security solutions are at the heart of what we do at Servexo. Committed to safeguarding our customers and their assets, we have the tools, training and experience to provide the most reliable security services available. Our security service provides the much-needed peace of mind in today’s relatively hostile world.


Servexo understands that organizations are under increasing pressure to maintain safe & secure operations while keeping costs under control. Our security solutions help you achieve that by tailoring a plan to your specific needs.

Adaptive Security Solutions


Our superior customization and adaptability enables us to provide you a very relevant security solution. By using a combination of personnel and technology, Servexo’s services fit almost any budget. We conduct a risk assessment to formulate a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable security plan that suits your organization perfectly.

A Professional Security Team You Can Count On


Servexo’s personnel deliver a range of expertise in the execution of their duty that comes from decades of experience in military service or law enforcement. At the company’s core are US veterans that have extensive background and training in anti-terrorism. In addition to providing general security services, our team is also well-versed in mediation and conflict resolution along with disaster training and emergency response.