The Modern Eye in the Sky


Servexo believes that offering our clients every tool available is critical in protecting your people and assets. That’s why we are one of the first companies in the industry to offer drone technology as part of our integrated security solutions. Drones provide an additional flexibility to security that foot patrols or fixed cameras can’t. Truly a one-stop shop for protective services, Servexo can make drones part of our proposed strategy. Why look at multiple firms when we can offer the total package?

Drone Security


  • Virtual Patrols: Our Drones can patrol autonomously (capable of being randomized to reduce predictability) or piloted by hand.
  • Equipped With: Deterrent mechanisms along with mobile device/desktop control per client needs.
  • Monitoring: On-site or from Servexo Headquarters, drone feeds can be monitored in real-time and/or recorded for future investigation or use as evidence.

Drone Security Technicians


Servexo has assembled a team of industry-leading professionals to oversee our drone operations. This division is comprised of experienced engineers, programmers and pilots who ensure you receive the maximum benefits from this game-changing technology. Servexo’s drone technicians offer the following services:

  • Integrated needs assessment to incorporate within broader security solution
  • Programming for patrol route and system functions
  • Maintenance and repairs (on-site or at Servexo headquarters)
  • Piloting or operations training for client use
  • Ongoing consultation on system advancements and regulatory compliance