We Don’t Let Distance Affect Productivity and Safety

Managing remote sites is an inherently challenging task. Distance complicates operations, and productivity suffers as a result. Servexo’s facility management helps you avoid that. With our help you can conduct seamless remote-based operations. Your ability to do so will enhance your competitive edge. We specialize in facilitating both off-shore and on-shore operations.

When you approach us, we conduct a detailed study of your requirements. This helps us deliver a customized facility management solution, one that is geared towards your goals and maximizes your efficiency. With the Servexo remote site management team at your side, or rather at your remote site, you can expect significantly higher performance.

Off-Shore Remote Site Management

Your off-shore employees not only work off-shore, but live there as well. This is where our hospitality management solutions are most useful. Our job in this situation is to make your offshore workers’ lives as comfortable as possible. At Servexo we understand that people are at the core of every business. We combine this knowledge with the skills needed to provide the best facilities and hospitality management services.

As employee satisfaction and physical well-being go up, so does productivity. We also help you with your off-shore supply chain and off-shore mobilization. Servexo provides assistance to your workers and your company..

On-Shore Remote Site Management

For your remote onshore projects, Servexo offers a comprehensive facility management solution. The hundreds of tasks ranging from guarding the site to assisting your workers are all taken care of by our facilities and hospitality management experts. Whether it is reliable site cleaning or specialist security services, Servexo delivers. We also provide excellent turnkey support services as well as logistics support.

Fully compliant with oil and gas industries health & safety culture, Servexo’s end-to-end integrated remote site facilities management solution drives your growth regardless of your industry. We are on top of all the latest developments in remote site technologies. This translates into your competitive edge as we serve you with the winning combination of, training and commitment.