The Best Security Professionals Serving You

Servexo features top security professionals, ideal for a range of assignments. Offering protective services for corporations, facilities and remote sites our team is well-trained to tackle the challenges of virtually any sector. Servexo combines traditional methods with the latest technology to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution to your security needs.

General Security Services


With a well-managed team of security experts, we’re capable of developing a security solution that exceeds expectations. Servexo has the manpower, expertise and legal authority to provide security services for just about any situation and setting.

Technology-Based Security Services


Servexo’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive protection solutions means utilizing every tool at our disposal. Below are some of the latest technological advances that we employ to deliver on this promise:

  • Security Technology service provider network
  • Cyber Security
  • Security Products (CCTV, Card Reader, alarm system etc.)
  • Remote Access/Access Control Management, virtual credentials
  • Video Surveillance
  • Autonomous guard robots
  • Biometrics
  • Intruder detection

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Drone Integrated Security


We strive to maintain our position as a leading protective services company. Offering drone technology as an integrated part of our security solutions is one way Servexo continues to be at the forefront of the industry. Still in their infancy, they provide virtual patrols with monitoring on-site or our headquarters. Drones provide expanded capabilities that traditional methods can’t, often with long-term cost savings.

Drone Security Technicians


Servexo’s drone technicians ensure our ability to deliver this ground-breaking technology to our clients. From the initial programming to maintenance to repair, we’ll make sure your eyes in the sky continue to provide revolutionary security. Beyond the day to day operation of the system, our techs are always looking to making improvements, keeping you a step ahead in protecting your assets.