Protecting Critical Utilities in Volatile Times


Servexo is the top choice for securing facilities in this key industry. Downtime doesn’t only affect your bottom line, it could be disastrous for the general population. You need a company that can provide a robust and uncompromising plan based on a thorough risk assessment. After implementing a fully integrated strategy, Servexo is capable of providing ongoing security to keep you operational.


Our personnel are highly trained in many critical areas that give them the edge in delivering protective services for the industry. Heightened situational awareness and anti-terrorism experience combined with disaster and emergency response training, provide you with unparalleled protection. Servexo also offers the latest in security technology to ward off intrusion and other threats. Utilizing drones or autonomous robots may be a cost effective solution to the challenges of securing a large area while other advancements aid in the protection of remote locations. Servexo will devise a plan specific to your facility’s needs.