Servexo – Government

Proudly Serving the Country


Servexo is proud to be a U.S. Government Contractor. We offer a range of first-rate security solutions to government-run enterprises and facilities. With many US military veterans on our team, Servexo is at the forefront of service to our nation.


Every Servexo employee is passionate about protecting the great men and women who serve our country as well as the institutions they work for. No matter what business you’re in, feeling safe at work directly impacts job satisfaction and performance. Drones provide the perfect solution for municipalities requiring a cost-effective solution to cover large areas. Sites can be patrolled in minutes with real-time reporting allowing for instant response.


In today’s reality, government facilities face ever-changing threats from terrorists to hackers. Servexo’s integrated protective services are delivered by professionals with first-hand experience working in the sector. For many departments, the general public is an added factor in considering your security strategy. We know the challenges you face; let us provide the solution you need.