Securing Quality Education

Learning requires focus and the safety we provide allows students that peace of mind to put their studies first. Servexo is committed to making educators, students and their families feel safe on their campuses. Our personnel take immense pride in their duties as if these were their own family members.


Servexo provides security guards and patrol officers with specific School Security Training developed by BSIS. These vigilant officers understand their role and responsibility of school security, which involves acute awareness of:

  • Educational environment
  • Laws and liabilities
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Disaster training and emergency response
  • Student behaviors

A Safe Learning Environment


Servexo understands the important role we play for our education clients. In today’s volatile world, you want a company to provide uncompromising service to keep your staff and students safe. That’s why Servexo offers the following:

  • Protective services for K-12, colleges, universities and other places of higher learning
  • Thorough risk assessment forming the basis for our comprehensive solution
  • Large percentage of the team is US Military veterans with:
    • extensive Anti-terrorism training
    • enhanced situational awareness
    • adaptive security techniques
    • experience with diverse populations

The Need for Reliable Security & Protective Services for Schools


The stats on “school shootings” are a matter of constant national debate. People on all sides throw out various definitions, use different numbers and cite or refute a range of studies. What cannot be debated is that violence, specifically gun-related violence, exists in our schools and the students who represent our future need protecting. According to some reports, the number of gun-related incidents alone could be as high as 50/year. Servexo can ensure your educational institution avoids being a statistic.