• Another Safe Day for You,
    is another Day at the Office for Us

Inside Servexo

Our team of leading protective services professionals use every tool at their disposal to bring you uncompromising security. Our expansive experience, extensive training and unwavering commitment make Servexo one of the most trusted names in the industry. Combining traditional techniques with the most advanced technology, such as drone security, makes Servexo the top choice for a wide range of clients. Government departments, utilities companies, veteran organizations, healthcare and educational institutions, and private sector businesses all rely on us to provide integrated security solutions.

Our Services

Servexo features top security professionals, ideal for a range of assignments. Offering protective services for corporations, facilities and remote sites our team is well-trained to tackle the challenges of virtually any sector. Servexo combines traditional methods with the latest technology to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution to your security needs.

Join Our Team

Servexo is the best because we work with the best. As a matter of policy, we hire committed and talented security professionals, offering excellent remuneration packages and encouraging work environments. If you are looking for a rewarding career in protective services, the Servexo team is the perfect fit for you. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage you to apply with confidence in any department.